Akamai edge-based personalization

Edge-based personalization
for Akamai

Fastest possible personalization.
Global scale.

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Create personalized experiences using Akamai

Use Akamai to deliver personalized experiences that delight your visitors.

Get more from your Akamai investment

Akamai can do more than cache static pages. With Uniform, Akamai can provide edge-based personalization that is fast and automatically scales globally. You can personalize on a wide variety of data.
  • Data available when the visitor arrives

    Device characteristics, inbound marketing campaign, location, first- and third-party data, just to name a few.

  • Real-time visitor behavior

    Specific pages, goals/events triggered, behavioral profiles & patterns - anything that has happened during the session.

  • Visitor information

    Data that describes an individual visitor, such as details from a customer database (CDP) or the DXP.

Connects with your preferred stack

Uniform connects with leading technologies, so you can focus on creating the right content for the right audience.
  • Google Analytics

    Track visitor behavior & personalization performance with Google Analytics.

  • Sitecore XP

    Use Sitecore XP to manage personalized experiences, made fast & scalable by Uniform.

  • Contentful

    Use Uniform to manage personalized experiences in Contentful, and deliver those experiences on Akamai's edge network.

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