Uniform joins the MACH Alliance

We are excited to join the MACH alliance

MACH Alliance

The MACH Alliance founded by commercetools, Contentstack, EPAM Systems, and Valtech is a non-profit organization aimed to share knowledge of the benefits brought by vendor-neutral, modular software ecosystems.

How Uniform fits in
MACH architecture

  • When the platform is established

    Uniform can add headless decoupled personalization that works with front-end of choice and edge of choice. The result is blazing fast personalization that can render in 50ms.

  • When the platform is not established

    Uniform provides the platform that helps connect multiple (MACH) technologies and compliment with decoupled services in connection with those technologies. An example is using Uniform to connect CMS, Data, Front-end of choice and CDNs. The result is a blazing fast personalized site, build on MACH architecture, which can be deployed for a fraction of the time, compared to a monolithic approach.

What is MACH?

MACH technologies support a composable enterprise in which every component is pluggable, scalable, replaceable, and can be continuously improved through agile development to meet evolving business requirements.
  • Microservices-based

    Individual pieces of business functionality that are independently developed, deployed, and managed.

  • API First

    All functionality is exposed through an API.

  • Cloud Native

    SaaS that leverages the cloud, beyond storage and hosting, including elastic scaling and automatically updating.

  • Headless

    Front-end presentation is decoupled from back-end logic and channel, programming language, and is framework agnostic.

We are thrilled that Uniform is joining. While they are still a startup they are already a leading personalization and delivery vendor. Through their JAMstack approach, they add composability and flexibility to many enterprise experiences. Their approach exemplifies MACH

Kelly Goetsch
President, MACH Alliance

MACH Certified

We are MACH certified and part of the MACH alliance, focused on future proof enterprise technology and propel current and future digital experiences.

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