What is Uniform for Akamai

Site performance is critical for site success because it affects bounce rates and search result ranking. Yet for many Sitecore implementations, performance is something that isn't considered until it becomes a problem.

Akamai is often considered a way to improve performance for static parts of a site. With Uniformfor Akamai, the benefits of Akamai's intelligent edge platform are available to the personalized parts of a site.

What is causing slow website performance

In this video we explain how important site performance is.
We also detail four factors that affect the performance of Sitecore sites so you can understand how each of those factors can be addressed.

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Spectrum of edge personalization scenarios

Just like with DXP-based personalization, CDN-based personalization depends on data being available when the personalization logic runs. When thinking about CDN-based personalization, it is helpful to organize the data that drives this logic into three categories:

Category 1: visitor arrival

Data available at the edge when the visitor arrives When a visitor views a page, certain data is passed along with the request. This is the data included in the HTTP request.

Category 2: visitor behavior

Data based on real-time behavior As a visitor navigates a site, the visitor’s session behavior can be collected.

Category 3: visitor identity

Data based on visitor information The final category of data describes anindividual visitor. This data usually comes from a customer database or the DXP.

Works with any version of Sitecore MVC and JSS

From Sitecore 8.2 all the way to the latest version of Sitecore 9.
Any presentation technology - MVC, with or without SXA, with or without JSS.

Sitecore MVC and Akamai personalization

Add edge personalization with zero changes to your existing MVC renderings. See edge-based personalization on Akamai with Sitecore MVC in action:

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Want a friendly live demo?

Learn more about how you can maximize the page caching with Akamai and deliver personalized experiences without changing anything in your Sitecore solution.

Sitecore JSS and Akamai personalization

Full support of Single Page Application personalization - during server-side rendering and client-side rendering.

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