What is JAMstack and the value prop of "Uniform for Sitecore"

JAMstack is a modern approach to web architecture that leverages the best of the modern web: CDNs, front-end frameworks, static site generators and APIs

"Uniform for Sitecore" makes Sitecore compatible with JAMstack, without losing any of the features that make Sitecore compelling to marketers:

  • - content authoring experience (in-line editing and previews)
  • - visitor tracking
  • - personalization

Works with practically any version of Sitecore.

From Sitecore 8.2 all the way to the latest version of Sitecore 9.
Any presentation technology - MVC, with or without SXA, with or without JSS.

We call it... the "Magic Button"

Adopting JAMstack usually means re-platforming from your existing CMS or at the minimum rebuilding the whole front-end tier.

With Uniform, you don't have to do that.

That's why we build and MVC adapter allowing you to reuse the existing MVC presentation component in JAMstack context. This means that you can start your JAMstack journey now.

Supporting multiple static site generators

  • Next.js
  • Nuxt.js
  • Svelte and Sapper

Coming soon

  • Gatsby
  • Gridsome

How does it work?

Moving expensive page assembly from run-time to build-time:

How does it work?

Want a friendly live demo?

Learn more about JAMstack, how Uniform works and how it is built to address your current pain points.

Netlify is the perfect place for your Enterprise JAMstack project

Netlify is far more than a CDN. It's a platform that combines the capabilities of CI/CD with modern multi-cloud high performance Application Delivery Network.

Loved and trusted by 800,000 developers and business worldwide, Netlify streamlines dev operations, provides stellar content delivery performance and on top of that, provides serverless forms and analytics.

Ability to run multiple concurrent builds allows to scale your JAMstack project to multi-site and support very demanding Enterprise requirements.

Learn more about Netlify Enterprise capabilities.

Key benefits of "Uniform for Sitecore" on Netlify

1. Achieve the fastest possible performance

JAMstack architecture means there is no need for the roundtrip to the Sitecore delivery server during page rendering - all pages are baked build-time, so your visitors don't have to pay the cost. The "A" in JAMstack stands for APIs, allowing you to pull more data from Sitecore and other origins dynamically, allowing to build engaging web experiences without compromising on performance.

2. Optimize your infrastructure footprint

Shifting expensive page baking from runtime to build time means that you can greatly reduce the footprint of your on-premise or Platform-as-a-Service infrastructure and optimize it to handle dynamic requests.

3. Where traffic bursts meet a peace of mind

No matter where you deploy your Sitecore infrastructure, getting scaling done right is hard. Getting predictable spend is even tougher. Address the challenges of auto-scaling head on by scaling together with the elasticity of global multi-cloud Application Delivery Network that Netlify is offering.

Get Started with "Uniform for Sitecore" on Netlify

Signup for a Netlify account

If you haven't already, here is the link to get your Netlify account, it takes a few seconds!

Clone the starter kit repo

Uniform comes with a set of starter kits pre-wired for your particular Sitecore configuration.

Install the Sitecore connector

Getting Uniform hooked up requires installing a module on top of your Sitecore instance.

Review the docs

We are constantly improving the documentation.

Wait...there is more!

Request access to "Uniform for Sitecore" connector

We are happy to provide you with the evaluation copy of "Uniform for Sitecore". Please provide you details and describe the use case so we can better assist you.

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