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Faster performance.
Lower operating costs.
Personalization that scales.

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Sitecore at the speed of light

Uniform Deploy connects Sitecore with modern Jamstack tools.

  • Build your application using modern tools like Gatsby, Next, Nuxt & Sapper.

  • Manage content using Sitecore.

  • Deploy your application on your CDN of choice.

How we make
Sitecore sites faster

The recipe is simple: Select a static site generator. Select a CDN. Manage content using Sitecore. Uniform handles everything in between!
  • React? Vue? Angular? Svelte? Yes.

    Use the right framework for the job & enjoy getting to market faster.

  • Akamai, AWS, Azure, Cloudflare or Netlify

    Let your CDN handle global scaling. As an added benefit, reduce your infrastructure costs & complexity and get the fastest possible performance!

  • Seamlessly integrated with Sitecore

    Uniform makes it simple: publish from Sitecore and Uniform deploys your site to a CDN of choice. All without leaving the Sitecore UI.

Delight your Dev and Ops Teams

Uniform helps decrease the cost of operating personalized (and non-personalized) Sitecore sites, while offering a modern front-end developer story.
  • Freedom of choice

    Get the best people on the task and let them select the stack they want to use. Uniform reduces your dependency on hard-to-find Sitecore skills and aging ASP.NET technology.

  • Optimize your ROI

    Faster time to market and lower cost of infrastructure helps you reduce project and infrastructure costs.

  • Ready for the next big thing

    React today, Svelte tomorrow? Or connect content to a new channel? Uniform reduces technology lock-in, making it possible to try new technologies without the traditional risk.

Edge-based personalization with Sitecore

Never have to worry about personalization that brings your Sitecore site down, or that delivers a painfully slow experience for your visitors.

Uniform Optimize gives you blazing fast personalization with no changes for your business users!

Benefits of edge-based personalization

With Uniform, personalization is decoupled from the Sitecore page delivery process - the single biggest barrier to delivering fast Sitecore sites.
  • Fastest possible personalization

    Personalization logic runs in a performance-optimized environment where personalized content can be rendered in 15-50ms. This is more than 20x times faster than traditional Sitecore personalization.

  • Use CDN of choice

    Different CDNs offer different benefits. Uniform is able to render Sitecore personalization on Akamai, Cloudflare, Azure CDN, AWS or Netlify.

  • Store visitor activity data in xDB and beyond

    Visitor behavior is collected without blocking the page from loading. That activity can be synched to xDB and/or other collection destinations, such as Google Analytics.

Unlimited personalization

There's no limit to what you can personalize on. Data from xDB? No problem. Data collected in the session? Of course. Data from a DMP? Absolutely.
  • Data available when the visitor arrives

    Device characteristics, inbound marketing campaign, location, first- and third-party data, just to name a few.

  • Real-time visitor behavior

    Specific pages, goals/events triggered, behavioral profiles & patterns - anything that has happened during the session.

  • Visitor information

    Data that describes an individual visitor, such as details from a customer database (CDP) or the DXP.

Uniform benefits in numbers

Achieve unprecendented performance

faster page load
faster personalization
PaaS savings
up to 10x

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