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About this opportunity

Let’s do it together! We’ve just secured our series A, and we’re ready to scale. Join us on our mission to transform digital delivery from end to end through a composable approach to digital experiences. We can’t do it without you. 

Having great documentation is something our founders are passionate about. Great documentation is clearly written, easily consumed, well organized and always up-to-date. We aspire to offer our customers the best technical documentation in the industry, and we are looking for a technical writer to lead the effort.

What you’ll do:

  • Define & prioritize documentation roadmap - Work with product management and other teams to define and prioritize a roadmap for technical documentation.
  • Select the writing system - We currently have a documentation system in place, but you will have the autonomy to select tools you want to use and build your own system. In other words, you will have the freedom to build the writing system you’ve always wanted.
  • Write the docs - Your primary responsibility will be writing our technical documentation. This includes describing APIs, creating code samples and explaining features and use cases. The target audience for our documentation is wide, ranging from developers to business users, with experience levels ranging from expert to novice.
  • Provide product feedback - You will be one of the first consumers of new platform features and APIs. You will provide feedback to the engineering, product management and other teams on what works well and what needs improvement. You will create feature requests, report bugs, and submit pull requests to improve the platform.
  • Share your experience - We encourage everyone at the company to share their experiences with the larger tech community. Sharing your experience writing documentation at Uniform in the form of blog posts, webinars and user groups helps spread the word about what we’re doing at Uniform, and also helps other organizations improve their own documentation efforts. Plus interacting with our users directly will help us build more effective documentation over time.

You’ll need:

  • To be an explorer and an early adopter of new technology.
  • Passion about the fast web and composable architectures; see the future in Jamstack, edge computing.
  • People like working with you. You like helping others. You have patience and empathy for others. You are willing and eager to learn from others.
  • To be detail-oriented and a creative problem solver.
  • You are passionate about documentation and see it as an essential part of a successful software company.
  • To have written a variety of types of technical documentation.
  • Excellent written communication skills with written English.

Why join Uniform?

  • Be a part of the next stage of the digital revolution - help us build technology that transforms the enterprise digital delivery pipeline and delivers incredible, performant digital experiences.
  • Create a truly global, post-pandemic company culture built around participation, experimentation and collaboration. We don’t force anyone to be involved in a way that makes them uncomfortable, but we also do everything we can to ensure everyone is able to be heard.
  • We’re remote-first and dedicated to empowering each team member to define what that means for themselves, with a generous hardware budget and planned hubs designed for connection and collaboration so you can work in the way that best suits your needs.
  • Competitive compensation and the opportunity to shape the future of a well-funded early-stage startup
  • We’re committed to helping you grow. We help our employees meet their career goals with mentoring, a learning budget, and plenty of paths for growth as we scale. And since not everyone aspires to be a manager, we offer opportunities to advance without taking on management responsibilities.
  • Support for a balanced work and home life: flexible working hours that support your remote work, a generous vacation policy and quarterly rest days to keep you fresh 
  • We are hiring across the company and you might know the best people - bring your favorite colleagues!

About Uniform

Uniform supports the entire digital delivery supply chain by turning traditional and headless technologies into a composable digital experience platform. Companies can continuously adopt traditional and headless best-of-breed technologies without ever replatforming while allowing business users to retain control over creating, launching and iterating digital experiences using no-code tools and built-in high-performance testing and personalization.

Our values

At Uniform we celebrate diverse thinking, welcome contributions from everyone and expect everyone to bring their whole selves to work. We are always looking for more experts who are self-guided and are genuinely excited by creating new things that push the company and us as people forward. The values that set Uniform apart are:

  • Together We Lead — We are leaders, innovators and creators, we do the right thing when nobody is watching, we expect to be asked for help and we collaborate hard to achieve incredible results.
  • Permission to Change — We challenge ourselves and each other as we create positive, meaningful change. We believe in the impact we can have on our customers, ourselves and those we care about and we take ownership in making that impact real.
  • We Listen, We Care — We spend time making sure that all voices are heard and valued, we genuinely care about a true dialogue with our customers and build on that to make amazing things happen.

Even though we’re not a huge team (yet) we already live in 17 different cities across 7 time zones and we’re fully remote and committed to giving you the choice to work however makes you most comfortable and productive.

We require all applicants to hold a current valid work permit for the location you expect to be working from. 

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