About Uniform

We are on a mission to bring all that's great about Jamstack to the Enterprise landscape, where Digital Experience Platforms like Sitecore, EpiServer, Adobe Experience Manager, etc. reign supreme.

Uniform enables the biggest brands in the world to adopt Jamstack incrementally, without massively expensive re-architecture efforts, allowing them to realize performance that is an order of magnitude faster than they currently have, true elastic global scale, and much more cost-efficient infrastructure while leveraging their existing investment in Digital Experience Platforms.

Besides, we are building revolutionary tools to enhance Jamstack-native solutions - such as Contentful, Next, Gatsby, and Netlify - with advanced marketing features, such as personalization.

Naturally, we are crazy about everything Jamstack related, and of driving Jamstack adoption in the enterprise. But we are equally passionate about delivering customer value, web performance, and open source.

We are a boutique - yet global - team with folks based in Australia, USA, UK, Denmark, and Ukraine. We are 100% remote.

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Current openings

Business Development Representative
  • Remote job
Customer Success Engineer (Remote)
  • Remote job
Senior QA Engineer (Remote, Ukraine)
  • Remote job