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Add high-performance edge personalization to your commerce experiences, controlled by business users with no-code tools. Modern Jamstack tools for developers connected to your headless CMS of choice & deploy to your preferred CDN/delivery platform.

Easy, fast personalization

Easy, fast personalization

Add high-performance personalization to your commerce experiences to improve conversion without slowing page load times. A/B test messaging and analyze effectiveness using your preferred analytics tools.

Unlock Jamstack without compromise

Build your commerce experiences into modern Jamstack apps and sites. Connect commerce content with marketing content from a headless CMS to deliver unified customer experiences.

Empower business users

Empower business users

Give merchandisers and marketers full control over experience creation. No-code tools make it easy to build compelling omnichannel commerce experiences without having to involve developers.

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Startup Uniform looks to fill in the gaps with its composable DXP