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Lightning fast A/B testing & personalization, controlled using no-code tools for Salesforce CMS. Increase visitor engagement by delivering the fastest & most relevant content.

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 Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Uniform
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization with Uniform

No-code composition

No-code tools empower marketers, merchandisers & other practitioners to build compelling omnichannel digital experiences that combine content and commerce without having to involve developers.

Fastest possible A/B testing

Create tests using content from Salesforce CMS to determine the most effective digital experiences for your customers. Run tests at the blazing fast speed and scale with edge-side execution that ensures the tests do not affect page load times, or affect User Experience.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud AB Testing with Uniform

Instant personalization of campaigns from Salesforce Marketing Cloud



Core Web Vitals


Time to First Byte



Lightning-fast personalization

Configure personalized digital experiences for your customers based on their real-time behavior. Edge-side delivery ensures personalization does not affect page load times - improve conversion while delivering the performance users expect.


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Content delivered at the right moment makes visitors feel known and understood. And that makes them more likely to engage with your brand. This is the idea behind intent-based personalization.

Lars Birkholm Petersen

Cofounder and CEO, Uniform

What is a monolith & why do brands struggle with them? What are the challenges of adopting a product suite? You will find answers to these questions in this whitepaper.



Uniform has been named in the

2022 Gartner® Cool Vendors™ in Digital Commerce Report