Uniform for Kontent

for Kontent

Increase engagement.
Maintain fast performance.
Controlled from within the Kontent UI.

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Create personalized experiences using Kontent

Uniform enables you to add personalized experiences that increase engagement & delight your visitors.

How Uniform personalization works

Control all aspects of personalization directly from Kontent. No need to open external tools.
  • Easy Setup

    Uniform is added to Kontent using a Kontent UI extension.

  • Streamlined Configuration

    Content authors can configure personalization rules & classify content directly from Kontent.

  • Front-end of choice

    Add personalization with your preferred front-end, including Next, Nuxt & Gatsby.

Unlimited personalization

Uniform provides an extensive list of conditions you can use as triggers for personalization.
  • Data available when the visitor arrives

    Device characteristics, inbound marketing campaign, location, first- and third-party data, to name a few.

  • Real-time visitor behavior

    Personalize using activity observed during the visitor's session, in real-time.

Demo of Uniform for Kontent

Want to see how you can add personalization to your Kontent solution?