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We are excited to announce our $28M Series A round led by Insight Partners with participation from Elad Gil and Array Ventures.

Uniform unlocks more options.

With Uniform, you pick the tools you want for your DXP, without costly and risky custom development.

More choice, better developer experience

More choice, better developer experience

Choose your own stack and maintain full control over how data from different headless sources flows into your application. Use Uniform’s SDK to retrieve, map and apply API results to component props with ease. Take advantage of a single endpoint to your DXP without tight coupling or vendor lock-in. Enhance and map data as you see fit, in your codebase, as a serverless function, your own API endpoint or with our CLI.

Empower your business users

Empower your business users

As business goes headless, marketers and merchandisers can feel left behind. Empower them to build, launch and iterate with no-code composition tools that leverage all content sources while removing complexity. Testing and personalization are built in, so they can improve key business metrics - without submitting a developer ticket.

Build better engagement fast

Build better engagement fast

Frictionless, pre-integrated support for best-of-breed services allows you to launch fast based on the tools you’ve already invested in. Adopt headless without expensive migration, add or change headless sources without interrupting delivery, and enable headless to coexist with traditional architectures. High-performance edge-side personalization delivers the fastest possible experiences to visitors, with 50ms TTFB for personalized content and green Google Lighthouse scores for SEO.

Technology that grows with you.

Uniform lets you select the tools you want to use in your DXP, and connects those tools so they work together like a single system.

Orchestrate your bespoke DXP landscape

Built on a smart grid that connects your content, marketing, commerce, analytics, CDN, and front-end software of choice, Uniform gives you a truly composable DXP that empowers business users to build high-performance pages and apps built for engagement and conversion. Your stack is future fit by default, without being limited to a single vendor.

Leverage existing technology investments

Start with the systems you are already using. Avoid massive migration projects as you move from legacy suites to headless tools, and allow business users to compose pages that leverage all content sources. Uniform can be adopted incrementally and at your own pace.

Be ready for what’s next

Digital marketing and commerce technologies are changing fast - you need the ability to easily adopt them to stay competitive. Uniform is built on a MACH architecture, enabling you to add new technologies from multiple vendors without requiring you to replatform. Add, remove or replace any tool from any vendor at any time.

Speed is a feature.

When you control what, when and how a solution is implemented, you can move more quickly toward your goals. All of Uniform’s capabilities are designed with performance in mind.

Reduced time-to-market.

Reduced time-to-market.

Uniform helps you get to market faster by letting you choose the tools you're familiar with, adopt new technologies at the pace right for your business, and eliminating the need for time-consuming custom development projects.

Blazing fast experiences.

Blazing fast experiences.

Performance for page visitors and app users is a primary concern among marketers and developers. Uniform enables you to use the latest tools and technology alongside edge-side personalization for the fastest possible digital experiences. Deliver personalized content instantly and drive better SEO scores.

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