Uniform Optimize

Jamstack Native
Edge personalization & A/B testing

Edge-based personalization in 50ms.
Works with front-end of choice.
Works with CDN of choice.
Insights from Google Analytics.

Uniform Optimize natively integrates with multiple Headless CMSes

See you own data from Google Analytics inside Uniform Optimize dashboards

Google Analytics integration at a glance

Uniform Optimize enables you to keep your Google Analytics investment and surface both personalization and A/B testing events as insights right inside Uniform Optimize dashboards.

Measure personalized experiences

Uniform Optimize tracks each personalized experience served to your visitors in real time and allows to surface the data collected in Google Analytics within your site dashboard for handy analysis.
  • Analyze personalized experiences

    Aggregated analytics of all served experiences

  • Most matched intents

    Understand what your customers' intent is

  • Each experience in detail

    Each served experience is analyzed individually

A/B testing insights

Launching a new test, pick a winner right from the dashboard and analyze the key performance indicators of each variance against the control group.
  • Setup test variances

    Setting up new test variances without code changes.

  • Pick test winners

    Close the test and publish to stop the test.

  • Analyze test variances

    Clearly see how the tests work in context of key performance indicators

Run Uniform edge personalization on a Content Delivery Platform of choice

Leverage Uniform Personalization and Tracking SDK with modern JavaScript frameworks

Enrich edge personalization with
customer data from your Marketing Cloud