What is Digital Experience Composition?

What is DXC

Faster time to value

Prebuilt integrations eliminate the need to create and maintain custom “glue code,” making it fast and easy to build cutting-edge, captivating digital experiences that will quickly show their value.

Empower your business teams

Users can compose and publish experiences from any source to any channel in a clear, consistent interface and use responsive preview to see exactly what they’re releasing. No more “publish and pray” or waiting for developer support.

Build for the future

Your digital experiences aren’t projects you can forget about when they’re done; they’re long-term products that are key to your organization’s success. With DXCP’s flexibility, you can meet challenges and capitalize on opportunities straight away—not after months of reworking your stack.

Bring your teams together

When a DX architecture favors either developers or business users, everyone loses—even those that got what they supposedly wanted. Since digital experiences are inherently collaborative, slowing down one team slows down every team. Below, Uniform’s cofounders explain how DXC empowers both developers and business users to do their best work

How Uniform pushes the boundaries of digital experience composition

Mesh upgrades Uniform’s integrations to quickly connect legacy and composable tools for designing assets in a stack, and give business users more flexibility.

Bring structure to digital experiences of any size, helping your teams visualize user journeys and manage the context of their work.

Build a digital experience with content from any service, preview the result, and publish it to any channel—without a line of code. Contextual editing in Canvas gives business users everything they need to own their work and, once and for all, end the “submit a ticket and hope” stage of the publication process.

Our integrations automatically bring your content, including with personalization, to the edge of your CDN. That means you have the best SEO performance and your end-users get the fastest possible experience, making them more likely to convert.

How Uniform makes this a reality

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Find answers to your digital experience composition questions

With digital experience composition (DXC), nondevelopers can create and manage digital experiences with content from multiple sources and deliver those experiences to a variety of channels. Developers are then freed up from having to build and maintain integration logic for the systems that provide content to the experiences.